Bow Wow Reflects On His Experience Hosting BET’s New Dating Show ‘After Happily Ever After,’ Admits The Show Is Unique

 Bow Wow Reflects On His Experience Hosting BET’s New Dating Show ‘After Happily Ever After,’ Admits The Show Is Unique


It looks like Bow Wow also known as Shad Moss has returned to hosting as he has been named the host of BET’s new dating show After Happily Ever After. The unique dating show which premiered on Wednesday at 10pm showcases several well known couples that will help each other find love. Yup, that’s right! Instead of the typical dating show that allows strangers to meet, giving them the opportunity to fall in love and make new connections, these former couples will be playing matchmaker as they help their exes find love.  

Bow Wow reflected on his experience as the host admitting that he has never envisioned himself hosting a dating show; however, the opportunity was unique and different. 

“No, No, I never would’ve thought something like this would fall into my hands and nor could I see myself ever, you know, hosting a dating show,”

said the rapper.

“If you would’ve [come] to me I would’ve been like huh? But with this one it was so different because of the plot twist of having the exes being the ones who select their exes next,” 

He continued on,

“and then on that, throwing these single parties every week, inviting 40 to 50 people to the house for the exes to go out there and mingle with to bring in the house for the dates, it was just a wild, wild show.” 

Bow Wow went on to highlight the uniqueness of the show’s format. He added

“[After Happily Ever After] is disruptive, fun, so many different energy shifts and emotional rollercoasters we’re going to send you through [and] that’s what makes the show so unique.” 

The cast consists of Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz, Tara Wallance, Jeremy Meeks, Melissa Meeks, “Mike Mike Phillips, Shar Jackson, Gary ‘G’ Thanh’ Johnson, Jayla Koriyan, and more. 

Onsite spoke with Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz about their participation in the show where Buddafly admitted she will be finding Gunz a new partner on the show. 

“You know we’ve been separated for seven years now and it’s time for [Peter Gunz] to find someone new… It’s time for him to find love and settle down with one woman.”        

#Clique, are we here for this new dating show?


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