MTA Pissed Over ‘Despicable’ TikTok Prank On A NYC Subway

TikTok star @fckjoshy thought it would be funny to eat a huge tub of Fruity Pebbles with milk on a New York City subway—the city hit hardest by coronavirus—and then spill the whole thing on the floor of the car. After picking up some of the soggy cereal, he got off of the train and left […]Read More

Man Wears A KKK Hood In San Diego Supermarket, Could

Shoppers in a San Diego, CA Vons supermarket were horrified when they saw a man walking around the establishment with a KKK hood over his head. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, several store employees asked the unnamed man to remove the offensive dressing; however, he refused. The guy finally removed the racially-charged hat when […]Read More

COVID-19 Nurse Punched in the Face During Attempted Rape Assault,

A 32-year-old nurse traveled from upstate New York to volunteer at a Manhattan hospital hit hard by Coronavirus. However, she was the one who needed help on Friday night. According to The NY Post, the unnamed woman told police when she entered her apartment, in the Hamilton Heights area, a man followed her and tried […]Read More

Donald Trump Suspected Of Being Vaccinated For Covid-19, Accused Of

Donald Trump and his administration may not be taking the deadly Coronavirus pandemic seriously, because they have all allegedly been vaccinated. Fox News‘ John Roberts was overheard talking to New York Times photographer Doug Mills in the White House briefing room on a hot mic, late last month. Roberts assured the man that he was […]Read More

Asia’s “Murder Hornets” Have Entered The U.S.

As if COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, now deadly “Murder” Hornets from Asia have reportedly been discovered in the United States. The New York Times says the Asian Giant Hornet—whose queen can grow to be over two inches long—got its nickname because it can, “wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, decapitating the […]Read More

Delta, United, American, and Most Major U.S. Airlines To Require

The days of flying without a mask are a thing of the past. In the next couple of weeks, almost all airlines in the United States will require passengers to wear a cloth mask—in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus—whenever they board a plane. JetBlue was the first airline to implement the face mask […]Read More

12-Year-Old Girl “Died For Two Minutes” Battling COVID-19

Juliet Daly was a normal, healthy 12-year-old girl, but she did not have the same reaction to COVID-19 as other children her age. Three weeks ago, Juliet’s “stomach would not stop hurting.” “I died for two minutes,” she told Good Morning America. “I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to live. I wanted for […]Read More

Strip Clubs Devise Plan To Re-Open, No Lap Dances Allowed

Strip clubs, what some consider to be an essential business, are planning to re-open during the coronavirus crisis. Now, that non-essential businesses are slowly opening up in some states, strip club owners are working on a plan on how to open up safely for their strippers and their clientele. Sources are revealing those deets to […]Read More

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