Instagram and Facebook Disables Filters For Illinois and Texas Users

According to reports, people who reside in Illinois and Texas are now able to have extra privacy when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The news comes following a plethora of lawsuits filed throughout the years over the state’s privacy laws.  This means that Instagram and Facebook will disable their “augmented […]Read More

Mother Sues TikTok After She Says Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Died

A Pennsylvania mother is reported suing TikTok after her child died when participating in a TikTok challenge called “Blackout.” The challenge consists of participants strangling themselves until they pass out, according to ABC12. Sadly, the 10-year-old girl, Nylah, was discovered unresponsive in her room back in December. She was later pronounced dead at a hospital […]Read More

Bobby Brown Believes Ex-Wife Whitney Houston Would Still Be Alive

Bobby Brown has opened up and been reflecting on a lot of things that has occurred throughout his life. One of those things is his relationship with the late Whitney Houston, who is his ex-wife and the mother of his child. In an upcoming documentary, the 80s icon reveals that he is unhappy that Whitney […]Read More

Homeless Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping Teen Girl In Park

Reports have been circulating of a Georgia homeless man, Austin Stovall, kidnapping a girl and raping her inside of a park bathroom on Mother’s Day.  The 33-year-old old man was recently arrested for the act that occurred at the Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw, according to officials. He has been charged with “multiple felony counts including […]Read More

5-Week-Old Died In Car Crash As Mother Fled Cops After

Unfortunately, a 5-week-old baby and male passenger has died in a car crash when the mother of the infant crashed the car while fleeing from the cops after stealing baby merchandise from a Walmart in Louisiana, according to the New York Post.  Candace Gill and Edward Williams were approached by security at the Walmart on […]Read More

Parents Sue Son and His Wife For Not Giving Them

It looks like an Indian couple is completely fed up after the pair demands that their daughter-in-law and son give them a grandchild or compensate them. According to the New York Post, the equivalent is $675,000. 61-year-old Sanjeev Ranjan Prasad, who is a retired government official, admitted that the grandchildren topic is a sentimental and […]Read More

Rapper Rod Wave Allegedly Choked Girlfriend For Talking To Other

Reports noted that singer Rod Wave allegedly strangled his former girlfriend after he accused her of talking to other men. The rapper reportedly choked the woman in front of their children.  According to St. Petersburg officials, the “Rags2Riches” singer went to the woman’s home and strangled her in front of the children, “until she couldn’t […]Read More

Kendrick Lamar Admits To Cheating On His Fiancèe, Reveals That

Kendrick Lamar opened up in his new album, “Mr.Morales & The Big Steppers.” The rapper revealed his “lust addiction” and reflected on the time he cheated on his fiancèe, Whitney Alford, whom he shares two children with. He expressed himself through a song on the project called, “Mother I Sober,” intellectually breaking down his thought […]Read More

Fans React To Calvin Klein Campaign In Honor Of Mother’s

One thing about Twitter users is they’ll insert their thoughts and opinions on any and everything. It looks like people have a lot to say about the new Calvin Klein Mother’s Day campaign that featured a pregnant transgender man.  The campaign highlighted a transgender couple as the photos from the campaign were showcased on the […]Read More