Airport Employee Dies After Being Sucked Into Jet Engine, Reports

Last month, an Envoy Air staff member died after being pulled into a jet engine. Investigators from NTSB have revealed what led to the tragic incident, according to Jalopnik.  The plane landed following a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Montgomery. Reports say the American Eagles plane Embraer’s auxiliary power unit was not functioning amid the […]Read More

Woman Says Her Mother Refuses To Babysit Her Grandchild Unless

According to the New York Post, a woman, Nina, and her husband are having financial issues. Nina’s daughter is merely a few months old and she is looking to put her in daycare; however, due to her and her husband’s credit card debt, she fears daycare expenses would put them further in the hole.  Nina […]Read More

Woman Sued Company That Makes Fireball Cinnamon For False Advertisement,

A woman is reportedly suing the company that makes Fireball Whisky for false advertisement. The woman says Sazerac’s packaging for the liquor brand is deceiving after she learned that Fireball Whisky mini bottles don’t include Whiskey, reports the New York Post.  The lawsuit was filed against Sazerac in Illinois by Anna Marquez after she learned […]Read More

Woman Discovered That A Guy She Was Dating Was Dating

A woman is shocked after learning a guy she was dating for 5 months was dating another girl. Interestingly enough, she learned about it on TikTok after scrolling through her For You Page on TikTok and discovered a video of a woman getting ready for dinner at the same guy’s home.  The woman, Liesel, posted […]Read More

22-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Robbing Two Men She Met On

A woman from Memphis has allegedly robbed two men she originally met on dating websites while an accomplice held the victims at gunpoint, police say, reports FOX. Officials in Memphis charged 22-year-old Adrionna Dull with “aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnappings, identity theft and attempt to fraudulently use a credit or debit card,” according to the news […]Read More

Mother Allegedly Left Her 2-Year-Old Child In Parking Lot While

A mother from Texas, Dashayla Allen, 28, has been charged with abandoning a child with intent to return after reportedly leaving her 2-year-old child alone in a parking lot while she got a wax, reports the New York Post.  Officials were called to the scene after they discovered a child wandering around the parking lot. […]Read More

Woman Reveals That She Mistakenly Married and Had A Baby

A woman on TikTok has revealed that she mistakenly married her cousin and had a child with him, yet, this didn’t stop them from continuing their marriage. She confessed that she and her husband learned that they were related while she was pregnant with their child. Marcella Hill revealed the news in a TikTok video […]Read More

NYPD Officers Allegedly Caught Having Sex In Car Outside Of

It looks like two New York City police officers were allegedly discovered having sex in a vehicle that was parked outside of a precinct in Brooklyn after neighbors heard a woman that was screaming, reports Fox.  According to the New York Post, the NYPD off-duty officers were discovered naked in the vehicle after a unidentified […]Read More

Man Survives At Sea After Being Stranded For Nearly A

A Dominica man, Elvis Francois, 47, who was lost at sea for nearly a month has luckily survived by eating garlic powder, ketchup, and Maggi seasoning cubes, officials say, according to the New York Post. Francois was saved from his sailboat this week. Reports added that the man was also able to drink water from […]Read More

Teen Charged For Allegedly Murdering 8-Year-Old Brother With A Shotgun

A teenager from Baltimore, Devin Wilson, has been charged after allegedly murdering his 8-year-old brother with a shotgun he traded in a puppy for, says a court document, according to the New York Post.  The 18-year-old was apprehended on Tuesday as he has been charged with “first- and second-degree murder, assault and weapons counts in […]Read More

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