Kevin Gates Reveals He Wanted To Commit Suicide, Says ‘I

It looks like rapper Kevin Gates recently had a transparent moment after admitting amid an interview with Big Facts podcast about a near-suicide experience. Gates started off by acknowledging that it was the first time he publicly spoke about his desire to commit suicide, back in December 2020 which he revealed to be the a tough time. […]Read More

Woman Brags About Being ‘The Ultimate Catfish’

This self-taught make-up artist has taken her talents to TikTok, as she has uploaded many videos embracing the fact that she’s a catfish. In fact, one of her viral videos captioned, “Catfish Level 1,000.” Another video uploaded under the woman’s TikTok account, Lashesandlosing, has gained over 3 million views with more than 4,000 comments from […]Read More

Woman Discovers She Won A $3 Million Lottery Jackpot After

This Michigan woman was caught by a surprise that could potentially change her life forever. According to UPI, 55-year-old Laura Spears of Oakland County was searching through her spam folder via email, as she looked for a missing message; however, instead, she discovered that she had won a $3 million lottery jackpot.  The lucky winner […]Read More

Shocking Footage Captures Man Tussling With Bear To Protect His

Shocking footage captured the moment a Florida man fought off a bear that entered his porch to protect his dogs and family, per the New York Post. In the video, Walter Hickox from Daytona Beach is seen tackling the bear and then placing a chair in front of the doorway to stop the creature from […]Read More

16-Year-Old Charged With Attempted Murder After Admitting To Shooting Mother

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested and charged with felony attempted murder after she admitted to shooting her mom when the two got into a dispute over meth, officials say.  The incident occurred on Sunday in Morcom Township, west of Cook, Minnesota, per the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect’s mother, 40-year-old Stephanie Straw, […]Read More

TikToker Films Verbally Abusive Stepdad Yelling At Her For Wanting

A video uploaded on December 12 of a teenager’s alleged stepdad screaming at her after she asked to keep the money she made  from work has gone viral. A series of videos uploaded by Hinatabeatssakura of her being verbally abused by her stepdad has reportedly prompted concerned TikTok users to contact Child Protective Services. The initial […]Read More

Amazon Driver Delivers Package To Home Despite Huge Bear Being

This Amazon delivery driver said he is going to get the job done by any means necessary. A video of an Amazon driver successfully delivering a package despite coming in contact with a bear has been making its rounds throughout TikTok. The video uploaded by Buckb0ss has collected over 4 million views with more than […]Read More

TikToker Disgusted After Finding Chicken Feathers In Wingstop Food

A TikToker is disgusted after discovering chicken feathers in his Wingstop order. The video uploaded by 415vic has already pulled in over 3 million views with more than 9,000 comments from unbothered TikTok users. One TikTok user wrote, “At least we now know it’s actual chicken.”  The video captioned, “found feathers on my Wingstop food.” […]Read More

Woman Outraged After Mother Leaves Young Child Outside While She

A video of a woman leaving her young child unattended while she ordered food from an unidentified store has gone viral. The video uploaded by Katecihi has already gathered more than 4.5 million views with over 9,000 comments from TikTok users with diverging opinions.  The text on the video reads, “You ever wanna snatch someone’s […]Read More

Customer Confronts Subway Worker For Reportedly Using Dirty Water To

A video of a customer confronting a Subway worker for reportedly cleaning a knife with unsanitized water before cutting customers’ sandwiches has gone viral. The video uploaded by Jbyourbestiebaby has already garnered more than 1.5 million views with over 4,000 comments from disturbed TikTok users.  The text on the video reads, “I watched him dip […]Read More