12-Year-Old Girl and Woman Shot At A Birthday Party

Several people were shot at a 12-year-old girl’s birthday party. The incident happened on Sunday around 7pm in South Los Angeles.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the 12-year-old girl was shot in the foot and a 37-year-old woman was shot in the torso. Both victims were reportedly in stable condition.  Sergeant Leanne Hoffman stated […]Read More

Bobby Shmurda Discusses Why He Took More Time For Rowdy

Many has commended Bobby Shmurda for showcasing loyalty in the most honorable way.  Rowdy Rebel was facing twelve years in prison. However, Bobby Shmurda made a deal with lawyers where he consented to taking more time in prison if prosecutors gave Rebel a lighter sentence. The Hot N-gga rapper recently explained why he decided to […]Read More

An R.Kelly Associate Admitted To Setting Accuser’s Car On Fire

Someone associated with R.Kelly recently took a plea deal for setting a witness’s car on fire in an attempt to silence her in R.Kelly’s ongoing racketeering case.  According to Page Six, Micheal Williams pleaded guilty to “one count of arson for destroying the vehicle.” The vehicle was reported to be rented by the victim’s father […]Read More

Kanye West Is Reportedly Mad Because People Think Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is known for his competitive and pompous ways. So much to the point that reports have been circulating saying the Rapper is irritated that people think Kim Kardashian initiated their divorce.  A source told Page Six that West is “super annoyed that the story is being constantly presented as her divorcing him.” When […]Read More

Activists Distribute Clean Meth, Heroin, And Cocaine To Raise Drug

These activists utilized their cause in the most creative way. It’s been reported that they distributed clean samples of cocaine, meth, and heroin to raise awareness of “British Columbia’s ongoing overdose emergency.” reports Complex.  The demonstrations occurred in Vacouver’s Downtown Eastside on Wednesday and was held by The Drug User Liberation Front. It was the […]Read More

Patrisse Cullors Combats Criticism About Finances, Says She Has “Never

Many grew suspicious of Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, wondering how she is paid by the organization. BLM made $90 Million last year alone through donations according to the Grio.  The suspicions grew when Cullors reportedly bought “four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the U.S. alone, ” reports The Grio.  This […]Read More

Woman Busted At JFK Airport With $94k Worth Of Cocaine

A recent drug bust was made as a woman was discovered to contain $94k worth of cocaine in her bra while going through JFK Customs.  The woman reportedly flew in from the Dominican Republic where she “had stuffed pellets of cocaine inside her bra, ” reports ABC News.  Customs agents discovered this when they noticed […]Read More

Rapper AR-Ab Sentenced To 45 Years For Facilitating Huge Philly

Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab was sentenced to 45 years in prison for orchestrating an enormous drug ring that implemented drugs throughout Philadelphia.  According to All Hip Hop, The rapper was charged with “conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and distribution of or possession with intent to distribute cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine.”  Reports claim that AR-Ab’s label, OBH […]Read More

Eight People Dead And Several Wounded At A FedEx Facility

It’s been reported that eight people were killed and a few others were wounded at a FedEx establishment near the Indianapolis airport.  In result, multiple FedEx workers were killed. After the gunman opened fire he went on to take his own life. Authorities ruled his death a suicide.  According to Yahoo News, police spokesperson Genae […]Read More

High Schoolers Jokingly Held “Slave Trade” On Snapchat Dedicated To

It’s 2021 and the racist antics are still thriving at an all-time high. Students at the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus in Texas are in trouble after reportedly holding a “Nigg-r auction” for black classmates.  It’s been reported that the auction was held on Snapchat. The auction was named “Slave Trade” and “Nigg-r Farm.” Other students […]Read More