Katie Porter

Birth Certificates May No Longer Include Section For Determining A

New parents may no longer have to check off male or female on their child’s birth certificate because the American Medical Association is recommending that the “sex” section is deleted entirely. The AMA Board of Trustees decided in June to “advocate for the removal of sex…on the public portion of the birth certificate”. For data […]Read More

Twitter Is Dragging Meghan McCain For Using A Convo About

Meghan McCain angered many people with her insensitivity towards Kathy Griffin‘s cancer diagnosis on Monday’s episode of ‘The View.’ The host was getting trashed online because she used a segment discussing the news about her illness to say that the comedian should apologize for homophobic jokes made two decades ago. When Whoopi Goldberg asked her […]Read More

Groom Still In Tuxedo Shoots Two During Traffic Jam Over

A newlywed couple still in their tux and gown got into an argument during stopped traffic Saturday, leading to the groom shooting her friend and an innocent driver.   This happened just after the wedding of Devin Jose Jones and Zenada Williams, as they were in a car with a male friend and all stuck in […]Read More

Aunt Charged In The Deaths Of Two Kids Found Dead

Two children were discovered dead in a car during a traffic stop in Maryland this week, and now their aunt has been charged in connection with their deaths.  On Wednesday, officers in Essex pulled over a vehicle they had “suspicions” about, and during the stop they discovered the bodies of 7-year-old Joshlyn Johnson and 5-year-old […]Read More

Lamar Odom Is Forced By Judge To Pay His Baby

A judge has ordered Lamar Odom to pay his ex almost $400,000 in backed child support, tuition, and rent after she sued him a few months ago.   His ex-girlfriend Liza Morales, who has appeared on “Basketball Wives“, took him to court in May, alleging they came to a settlement agreement in 2015 but he […]Read More

Texas Teens Post Snapchat Stealing Chain Off Dead Man Who

Two teenagers were arrested for filming themselves stealing jewelry off a dead body and posting it on Snapchat. The robbery happened in Texas when they discovered a man who committed suicide. The girls stumbled across the body of the man, who had hung himself, on a street in Southwest Bexar County, according to KSAT. One […]Read More

Man Kills His Ex-Wife & Her Boyfriend At Son’s Soccer

A man killed his pregnant ex-wife and her boyfriend at their child’s soccer game over the weekend. This happened in Texas in the parking lot of the sports match, and the suspect was later found dead of a suspected suicide. KHOU reports that 42-year-old Lucio Estrada Molina was at his son’s soccer game northwest of […]Read More

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Talk Not Using Soap In

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made a confession about hygiene that was raising some eyebrows this week. While appearing on the Armchair Expert podcast, they admitted they don’t use soap in the shower every day and only make their kids wash off then they look dirty.  The topic of showering came up when podcast host […]Read More

Lawsuit Filed Against Johnson & Johnson Claims They Taregted Black

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump plans to sue pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson for targeting black women to buy their products like baby powder, even though they are allegedly dangerous and cause cancer.  Crump held a press conference where he had several women from the National Council of Negro Women speak about the side effects they […]Read More

Florida Woman Arrested For Making Autistic Child Sleep In Cage

A Florida woman was arrested for child abuse and child neglect for keeping an autistic child in a metal cage. When officers showed up to investigate, she allegedly told them she was “at the end of her rope”. Reportedly the woman’s arrest was prompted after a Palm Bay resident called the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office […]Read More