Boosie Out of Hospital Recovering From Post Shooting Surgeries, Does

Aht! Aht! Boosie Badazz had rumors circulating that he would need his leg amputated following his shooting over the weekend.  The rapper was facing some complications due to his pre-existing diabetes condition; which included making changes to his diet at the hospital.  However, it was confirmed that he will not be getting an amputation anytime […]Read More

Black Family Told to ‘Act White in White Neighborhood’ By

Despite all the changes in the world, racism is still very much alive today. A video of a family in Discover Bay, California is going viral after they experienced being told they’re too “Black” for the neighborhood.  The Jones family recorded a video of their experience with their neighbor Adana Dean. During the interaction, Dean […]Read More

Sheriff Fired for Racist Facebook Meme of Kamala Harris Made

It seems Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is already causing a stir in her new role. An Oakland County Sheriff’s Officer was recently terminated for making a racist Facebook post about Harris. The post shows an image comparing several pumpkin carvings names after Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence to a watermelon carving which apparently […]Read More

Lil Wayne Charged with Possession of Weapons and Ammunition, Could

As the rapper was preparing for his flight at the Miami-Oak Locka Executive Airport, the U.S. Attorney for the South District arrived and had the plane searched by police and FBI agents. Discovered on the plane were weapons and ammunition. Wayne was then charged with one count of possession of a firearm with ammunition by […]Read More