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The IRS Slaps Hit Producer Jermaine Dupree With Back Taxes

No one is above owing the federal government, not even celebrities. The latest celeb who’s in trouble with the IRS is music producer Jermaine Dupri and he’s going to be giving up a hefty amount in back taxes.  According to court documents that were obtained by Radar, the federal government has filed a new tax […]Read More

Texas Businessman Dinesh Sah Sentenced To Over 11 Years In

Believe it or not, those who took advantage of the Federal PPP and used the money for personal use are still getting caught and put in jail. Just like this north Texas man who has received an 11 year plus sentence for his government scheme.  55-year-old Dinesh Sah submitted fifteen fraudulent applications to the Paycheck […]Read More

A Colorado Woman Kidnapped And Waterboarded By Seven Suspects For

An arrest report obtained by CBS local affiliate KKTV that a Colorado woman was kidnapped and waterboarded by seven suspects for “snitching”. Those suspects have since been arrested for the brutal crime.  The suspects were allegedly involved in a kidnapping, torture, and attempted murder of a victims whose name has not been released to the […]Read More

A Company That Owns 40 Burger Kings Set To Pay

Not to long we heard about workers walking out from their job at Burger King, now workers from Chicago franchises are about to get paid all because they were denied sick leave by the company according to Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot.  Tri City Foods who’s the holding company and second biggest franchise for Burger King says […]Read More

Canadian Police Apologize For Throwing Woman’s Body In The Dumpster

Canadian authorities are sending their sincere apologies after they made a heart breaking mistaken of throwing a woman’s remains away which they thought was a mannequin. Firefighters in Sherbrooke, Quebec,responded to call for a brush fire behind a factory which witnesses said they believed that someone had set fire to a silicone mannequin. At that […]Read More

Lyft Driver Arrested For Allegedly Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Rideshare is supposed to be the safe alternative to driving on one’s own. In an unfortunate turn of events, a Lyft driver caused a tragic accident because he fell asleep at the wheel and killed his passenger when they crashed. Andy Van Pham, 30, has been arrested in Tustin, California after authorities say he allegedly […]Read More