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Texas Man Arrested After Allegedly Storing Son’s Dead Body In

A Texas dad has been arrested by authorities after they found the skeletal remains of his son in the kitchen of his home in New Boston.  New Boston Police Department arrested 67-year-old, David McMichael, after they recovered the body of his son; Jason McMichael in the father’s home, located about 150 miles northeast of Dallas. […]Read More

The Colorful Cereal Lucky Charms, Is Causing Vomiting And Diarrhea

The General Mills cereal who holds the slogan, “magically delicious”, is magically believed to be making those who eat it sick to their to stomachs.  According NY Post, the complaints to were posted on a website called, iwaspoisoned.com, where about 139 consumers nationwide reported the popular marshmallow cereal caused them to vomit and experience diarrhea […]Read More

Six Severed Heads Discovered By Authorities On A Car Roof

Local authorities in southern Mexico found six severed heads on top of a vehicle in municipality of Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero. The remains were found on Thursday along with a warning at the gruesome scene.  According to CBS, authorities say they are  believed to be victims of drug gang-related violence. Reuters, citing a statement from the […]Read More

Upcoming Movies Starring Will Smith Reportedly Put On Pause By

Although we all watched the fresh prince sincerely apologize for his actions from the Oscars last week, looks like that wasn’t enough and it may cost him from returning back to the big screen.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Philly native had some films in the works with Netflix and Sony but, they are […]Read More

A Masked Shooter On The Loose Is Targeting Homeless People

In what Police are calling a targeted spree, they are looking for a masked man who shot two homeless men in Manhattan.  The shooting happened within 90 minutes of each other. The masked individual wearing a balaclava, shot one man in the arm who was sleeping on a street in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood shortly before […]Read More

Reality Star Heidi Montag Seen Eating Raw Animal Organs To

You all remember Heidi Montag from shows such as, “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”? Well she’s been trying to have a baby and just got caught on candid camera eating raw meat.  Photographers snapped photos that showed Montag holding a Ziploc bag containing a raw bison heart. Although the method may be unconventional, the reality […]Read More

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