Ebony Kiara

17 GOP-Led States Are Cutting Off The $300 Weekly Federal

The extra unemployment benefits have been mighty helpful for those who qualified but, that’s all about to come to an end as seventeen Republican Party-led states will cease the extra $300 a week. Your state just may be one of them.  Although the federal benefits are supposed to stop the first week of September, certain […]Read More

NYPD Banned From NYC Pride Until At Least 2025, Gay

As the world begins to open up that means festivals and parades are coming back just in time for summer. One of the biggest being the pride parade and NYPD are being left out of the festivities as they will be banned from this year’s celebration and more years to come.  Organizers of New York […]Read More

Fat Joe Hypes Up Producer Dj Khaled, Naming Him The

Dj Khaled is known for taking some of the hottest in the game and throwing them on a track together to produce a smash hit. Fat Joe on an episode of Drink Champs compares him to legendary Quincy Jones and the rapper is getting some push back for his statement.  While chopping it up with […]Read More

Death Of Dog At Pittsburg PetSmart Leads To 4 Employees

A routine grooming has turned into a nightmare for one dog owner who took her dog to a Pittsburg Petsmart and will not returning home with her pup.  Aj Ross took her 12-year-old toy poodle, Kobe, for a nail trimming back in November 2020 to this Petsmart, only leaving the dog alone for 10 minutes; […]Read More

Michigan Man Wins $2 Million On A Scratch Off After

Blessings coming back full fold as a Michigan man who according to CNN is 29-years old but wishes to remain anonymous, lost everything in a flood last year, and just won $2 million on a scratch-off.  He purchased the winning ticket at Anna’s Market on 1618 Jefferson Avenue in Midland, Michigan. The ticket was a […]Read More

Oklahoma Woman Charged With A Felony For Not Returning A

Imagine waking up one day to find out your a convicted felon and had no idea. Well, that reality happened to an Oklahoma woman all because she didn’t return a VHS tape that she says she didn’t even rent in the first place. Fox News reports that Caron McBride is facing felony embezzlement charges for […]Read More