At Least 151 Killed In South Korea Halloween Stampede, According To Reports

 At Least 151 Killed In South Korea Halloween Stampede, According To Reports

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Sadly, a massive crowd of mostly young people celebrating Halloween in Seoul we’re crushed as the crowd spilled into a narrow alley, which left at least 151 people dead and injuring 133 others becoming one of the country’s worst disasters in years, CNN reports. 

According to the outlet, an estimated 100,000 people attended the country’s largest outdoor Halloween festival as the South Korean government recently lifted its COVID-19 restrictions. Bringing people together in what is known as the country’s party district in Itaewon.

Quickly, festivities turned into mayhem, with photos and videos on social media showing huge crowds packed into a narrow alley. Witnesses described the scene as


with partygoers

“pushing each other, and people screaming.”

Chief of the Yongsan-gu Fire Department, said it was a

“presumed stampede”

which caused people to suffocate and go into cardiac arrest, reports note.

Photos of emergency workers and pedestrians


performing CPR on people lying in the streets have circulated through social media and many news outlets. Those killed or hurt were mostly young people in their teens and 20s, according to Choi Seong-beom, chief of Seoul’s Yongsan fire department. 

The dead also included foreigners, the Ministry of the Interior told the outlet. Their nationalities have not yet been released. The death toll could continue to rise as some of those injured were in critical condition. 

#Clique, let’s continue to keep South Korea in our thoughts and prayers.

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