Apryl Jones Posts & Deletes Video After Fans Drag Her

 Apryl Jones Posts & Deletes Video After Fans Drag Her


Apryl Jones deletes her TikTok video with son Megaa after fans drag her for being inappropriate.

Everyone has been dropping videos doing viral dances and she decided to hop on the trend. Apryl along with her son and another boy were doing the “Out West” dance.

It was fine until she lifted her leg at the end of the video, motioning to her vagina. Fans left comments on the now-deleted video letting her know it was wrong.


“That ending though smh messed the whole video up ??‍♀️”

With her son right there ??‍♀️ Why? The ending?”

“Girl. Now, why would you lift your leg like that? ??”

“Chile OMARION mom was right about everything with you. Have some damn respect for your kids! ??‍♀️”

Did fans overreact, or was Apryl in the wrong? View the video below.

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