Alex Jones Supporters Claimed To Desecrate Child Victim’s Grave And Threatened To Dig It Up

 Alex Jones Supporters Claimed To Desecrate Child Victim’s Grave And Threatened To Dig It Up

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On December 14th, 26 people lost their lives during a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Six were staff members, and the remaining twenty were children. Though most of the country sent thoughts of love and support to both the survivors and family members of the victims, a conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones called the shooting a hoax.

Alex Jones, an alt-right radio host, is known for using his platform to give support for white nationalists such as Unite The Right members and other known white supremacists. After tragedy struck Sandy Hook, he claimed that it was all “an inside job” and that the parents were actors. Most of his fan base believed him.

Now, in a defamation trial against Jones, families are coming forward about their experiences with his devout followers, including being sent crime scene photos of their children’s dead bodies. The parents of Jack Barden, who was one of the children who lost his life during the Sandy Hook massacre, were among the few to speak in court, as reported by HuffPost. Already distraught by losing their son, Mark and Jackie Barden were facing attacks via social media, phone calls, and even letters.

Among the various kinds of harassment the heartbroken couple says they’ve receive, multiple letters had threats to dig up their child’s grave to prove he didn’t exist or claims that they’ve urinated at his gravesite.

“To hear people were desecrating it and urinating on it and threatening to dig it up, I don’t know how to articulate to you what that feels like, but that’s where we are,” Mark Darden testified on Tuesday. “It interferes with your sleep, with your ability to process.”

A Connecticut jury will be deciding whether or not Alex Jones will pay damages to the families of Sandy Hook at a trial at Connecticut Superior Court. As of now, four weeks into the trial, Alex Jones has neither apologized or have held himself accountable for his actions.

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