A Couple Gets Married Via Zoom Despite Never Meeting In Real Life

 A Couple Gets Married Via Zoom Despite Never Meeting In Real Life

Imagine finding your person but never actually meeting them in person. This couple it didn’t matter because the two decided to get married either way. 

Newlyweds Asye, 26 and Darrin 24 met online via Facebook in group that is meant to connect pen pals around the world. It turns out that Asye paired with Kenda who’s the mother of Darrin which introduced the two. Darrin lives in Detroit, while Asye lives in the UK. After making that connection online in July of 2020 they immediately hit it off and talk to each other every night. 

The couple did make it official quickly and planned on meeting each other but due to Covid and the restriction on travel it made it difficult for the two to meet in person. Asye and Darrin continued weekly date nights then he proposed to Asye on May 21, 2021. A few months later they would legally marry via Zoom, on August 19th in a ceremony in Utah. 

The love birds became husband and wife, with a small number of friends and family that times in through zoom to watch them tie the knot. 

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