Jai Nice and Heather Rose Are Beefing Over Gunna AGAIN!

 Jai Nice and Heather Rose Are Beefing Over Gunna AGAIN!

Chileee, so it looks like Gunna’s cx chick Jai Nice is back beefing with one of his “other” chicks Heather Rose.

It all started after Heather took to Twitter on Monday where she quoted a popular meme saying, “I hope you ready to die bout that di*k, cuz I’m ready to go to war for it”.

Well, this set Jai Nice all the way off because she went on an IG Story rant that included videos with Gunna and claims that Heather is “getting passed around like a hot potato”.

Heather then responded with a little trolling of her own and reminded Jai that she “knows WTF is goin on”.

If y’all remember, just last month Jai and Heather went back and forth over Gunna on Twitter right around Valentine’s Day.

HeatherRose is also at odds with popular Instagram model MadGalKris where she filed charges against her for a bad assault. We’ll keep you posted on that when the two face off in court honey ?? Swipe left below for the receipts.



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