22-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Reportedly Holding Tinder Date Captive At Knifepoint 

 22-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Reportedly Holding Tinder Date Captive At Knifepoint 

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs PD

22-year-old Lauren Dooley has been arrested after allegedly holding her Tinder date captive, reports PEOPLE. The 21-year-old victim met up with Dooley at her Colorado apartment on September 28 after they met on the dating app.

Once the unidentified victim arrived at Dooley’s home, she engaged in sexual acts with the man and then went on to duct tape his wrist and ankles, says redacted documents. 

According to the documents,

“The victim found it odd but consented to it. However, when Lauren produced a kitchen knife, and demanded he get into her bedroom, [the victim] no longer consented to staying at the residence.” 

Although the victim admitted to being scared, he informed officials that he agreed to get into the woman’s bed where she then began to get on top of him and use a belt to choke him as well as cut his arm. She became mad that he started bleeding and later ordered him to get into the bathtub, as she ordered takeout from DoorDash. Once the delivery person arrived, she told the victim,

“If you scream or say anything, I’ll kill you.” 

The victim later fled once the woman went to sleep. He utilized the kitchen knife she attacked him with to free himself from the duct tape. Once he got to the building’s parking lot, he called for aid. When officials searched the woman’s apartment, they found blood saturated in rags, a bloody tub, and a kitchen knife. 

The woman has been charged with

“kidnapping and assault in addition to menacing and false imprisonment.” 

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