2-Year-Old Struck in the Head by Stray Bullet While Playing Outside at Daycare

 2-Year-Old Struck in the Head by Stray Bullet While Playing Outside at Daycare

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Mick Haupt

A 2-year-old Utah boy was hospitalized after being hit in the head by a stray bullet while playing outside at daycare, according to police per Insider

The Spanish Fork Police Department said in a statement that the baby is

“in stable condition and improving,”

and that detectives have found a

“person of interest”

suspected of firing the shot. 

On May 22, daycare employees recognized that the boy was

“[stumbling] and was seen bleeding from the face,”

according to the police statement. The child’s parents were contacted, who brought the boy to the hospital.  

After multiple tests and scans doctors revealed that the boy was struck by

“a small caliber bullet lodged in its head.”

The daycare is reportedly near open fields where people go there to shoot. The male suspect, who has not been identified because no charges have been filed yet, told investigators that he was

“shooting birds with a .22 caliber air rifle”

just west of the daycare. 

Though the playground area of the daycare facility is fenced the bullet managed to get through.

“It appears this was a tragic accident,”

police said.

“Open fields are directly west of the daycare and it is believed the round may have come from that area.” 

Daycare employees said they were

“absolutely surprised” and “dumbfounded”

to learn about the child’s injuries as they were not initially aware, KSLTV reported.

“We thought he just had tripped and hit his head,”

Lane Mugleston told KSLTV.

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