18 Children Injured After Battery Starts Fire At NYC In-Home Daycare Center

 18 Children Injured After Battery Starts Fire At NYC In-Home Daycare Center

On Wednesday, January 25th, The New York City Fire Department received a call about a “heavy fire” at a residence. A lithium-ion battery caused the basement of the home, where a daycare center and a dentistry business operated, to go up in flames.

According to NBC News, 18 pediatric patients were removed from the building. One of the children transported to a nearby hospital remains in critical condition. Forty minutes after their arrival, the fire department was able to contain the flames.

The NYC Department of Buildings later sent two inspectors to the home to perform an inspection. The department then issued violation notices for construction work done in the cellar without legal work permits. The department said the cellar was intended for “accessory storage,” not to operate the two businesses, NBC reported.

John M. Esposito, the NYCFD chief of fire operations, has since released a warning about the dangers of charging lithium-ion batteries in homes. 

“The lithium-ion batteries, we’ve been having problems with them the last few years in scooters and bikes, and charging them,” he said. “They should not be charged in the entranceway or pathway to leave your house or apartment. You should not charge them overnight. Charge them in a room with a closed door while you’re awake and alert.”

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