Mother Outraged After 7-Year-Old Daughter Allegedly Comes Home With Tattoo After Letting Her Spend Time With Relatives

Sex Offender Arrested After Meeting Teen Online and Posing As Her Friend’s Father When He Picked Her Up and Met Her Mother

Dentist Given Probation After Causing Brain Damage With Root Canal On 4-Year-Old Girl, Attorney Says She ‘Can No Longer Speak, Walk, Or Eat On Her Own’

Man Arrested and Charged After Setting His Cousin’s Car On Fire, Reports Say His Cousin Is Also His Girlfriend

Woman Arrested For Concealing Drugs In Private Parts, Fake Heart Attack To Evade Police Suspicion

T.I. Son Receives Backlash After Encouraging Homeless Man To Partake In ‘One-Chip Challenge’ With No Water For 5 Minutes In Exchange For $50

Texas Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison After Confessing To Brutally Murdering Wife With Nail Gun

Security Guard Brutally Shot In Head While Intervening In High School Football Game Brawl

Blueface’s Disturbing Video Of Strippers Performing In Front Of His Children Prompts Urgent Child Services Intervention

Instagram Influencer Receives 5-Year Prison Sentence For Lavish Lifestyle and Travel Funded By Fraudulent COVID-19 Relief Loans

Calls To Fire Oklahoma Elementary School Drag Principal Who Once Faced Child Pornography Charges

Kroger Settles Opioid Lawsuits, Paying $1.2 Billion To U.S. States and $36 Million To Native American Tribes, Denied Wrongdoing

Elderly Woman Savagely Beaten 50 Times With Her Own Cane In Horrifying NYC Subway Attack, Captured On Video

Father Arrested After Allowing His 10-Year-Old Son To Drive At ‘High Speeds’ While He Sat In The Passenger Seat

Driving Ban Lifted At Burning Man Festival, Allowing Attendees To Leave After Being Stranded In ‘Muddy’ Desert

Texas Enforces Groundbreaking Law That Mandates Intoxicated Drivers To Pay Child Support

Woman Purposely Wears Hideous Wigs At Work Following Employer’s Ban On Her Pink Hair, Says ‘The Worst The Better’

Indiana Police Officer Slapped With $35 Fine After Fatally Striking Pedestrian In Fifth On-Duty Collision, Victims Family Outraged

The Ethics of AI Doubles

Celebrities Are Quietly Inking Deals to License Their AI Doubles

Lay Luscious

Is Lay Luscious the NEXT Upcoming Female Rap/Pop Star ⁉️

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September 25, 2023

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