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Step Aside TikTok, Kanye West Wants To Give The People

Yeezy likes to get things off of his chest via Twitter —just like his buddy Trump. This time though, his tweets are about collaborating with the app TikTok by adding a spiritual twist. Kanye wants a Christian version of the popular app to be named “Jesus Tok.” The “Jesus Walks” rapper says he loves tech […]Read More

Rapper 42 Dugg Claps Back At Gay Suspicions After Sexual

Y’all remember that video of 42 Dugg rapping one the songs that had some people side-eyeing him for the lyrics? Well, he finally is speaking out. According to some who misheard his lyrics and thought he said “I was out here sucking d**k, I was tryna pay the rent.” Which had fans thinking he may […]Read More

Terry Crews Receives Backlash for Tweet Criticizing #BlackLivesMatter

Terry Crews is back at it again, putting his foot in his mouth. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor cautioned activists to ensure: “BlackLivesMatter” didn’t turn into a “BlackLivesBetter” movement—and it didn’t go over well with the community. Twitter users are criticizing Crews for seemingly siding with people against BLM, or who support AllLivesMatter, and believe the […]Read More

Host Jemele Hill Dragged for 11-Year-Old Transphobic Tweet

Tommy G, sportswriter and host of No Mercy Podcast, retweeted a transphobic message from former ESPN host Jemele Hill that’s more than a decade old using #CancelJemele. In the tweet, Hill writes a quote calling someone a “Tranny” adding that the message is both “inappropriate” and “hilarious.” Thousands of Tommy’s followers—many of whom are white […]Read More

Ryan Henry From ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Goes Off On

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan Henry cleared his name via Twitter after production edited clips and portrayed him to be a liar on last night’s episode of the hit VH1 show. Henry said he never had a relationship with Kit and that production cut up clips and showed that he started a relationship with […]Read More

Cardi B’s Questionable Comments Against Black Women Revisited Amid Social

Cardi B’s troublesome history of debasing black women is resurfacing, causing a stir on social media. Labeling people of color “roaches,” “ugly,” “burnt,” and “monkeys,” the “Bodak Yellow,” rapper’s not-since-forgotten past sins earned her a “CardiBIsOver” cancellation party via Twitter Thursday. In response to claims her epithets were racially-motivated, Cardi tweeted: “All that bullsh** ya […]Read More

Pop Smoke’s Posthumous Album Postponed Until July 3, Twitter in

The hopes and dreams of Pop Smoke fans are currently up in smoke as it’s been revealed the late Brooklyn rapper’s highly-anticipated posthumous album has been postponed for release. Die-hard supporters for the “Welcome to the Party” performer, tragically gunned down in February, are mourning all over again after Universal Music Group executive Steven Victor […]Read More