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Black Student Allegedly Set Up by White Roommate in “Racist

Christin Evans, a Black college freshman at Texas’ Stephen F. Austin State University, and her parents are looking for the university to take action against students who falsely accused her of attacking them with scissors. Her lawyer says this could have been another “Breonna Taylor” incident. Evans, 17, was asleep in her dorm at 3 […]Read More

Black Activist Comes Out as a White Woman Pretending to

Another Blackfishing bandit has been caught white handed! Satchuel Cole, a purported black community organizer for Black Lives Matter in Indiana, just copped to “black-fishing”—pretending to be of African American descent—on Facebook, and has vowed to “seek help,” per reports. “Friends, I need to take accountability for my actions and the harm that I have […]Read More

Rapper Gillie Da Kid Dragged to Twitter Hell Over ‘All

Gillie Da Kid, rapper and host of the “Million Dollars Worth of Game” podcast, posted a video online responding to fans who asked why he hasn’t spoken out about the Black Lives Matter movement. Well, thanks to his scathing response, the Philly emcee is now getting dragged on social media for saying, “all lives matter,” […]Read More

Philadelphia Man Pulls Gun On Black Man After Social Distancing

A Philadelphia bar owner seated outside a restaurant was caught on camera pulling a gun on a Black man who allegedly yelled at the patrons for their lack of social distancing. The Black man yelled at them for not wearing masks or social distancing, witness Liz Krieger told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Then, customers shouted at […]Read More

Men Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery Plead Not Guilty

The three white men charged with murder regarding the death of Black jogger Ahmad Arbery pled not guilty in Chatham County Superior Court Friday.  Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, were charged with murder and aggravated assault. Their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., 50, took the now-viral cellphone video and was charged with […]Read More

Terry Crews Receives Backlash for Tweet Criticizing #BlackLivesMatter

Terry Crews is back at it again, putting his foot in his mouth. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor cautioned activists to ensure: “BlackLivesMatter” didn’t turn into a “BlackLivesBetter” movement—and it didn’t go over well with the community. Twitter users are criticizing Crews for seemingly siding with people against BLM, or who support AllLivesMatter, and believe the […]Read More

Wedding Photographer Fired By Bride for Supporting Black Lives Matter

A wedding photographer has gone viral after sharing a bride firing her due to her outward support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Screenshots of a text conversation between Shakira Rochelle and a bride requesting a refund were shared on Facebook and Twitter. The posts drew significant attention as the bride asked for their deposit […]Read More