St. Louis Prosecutor Will Not Charge Officer That Shot Michael Brown Upon Re-Investigation

As Black Lives Matter is still the conversation around the world and protests are still taking place, news comes in that the officer who killed Michael Brown in 2014 will not be charged.

St.Louis County prosecutor, Wesley Bell will not file charges against officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Brown. The prosecutor decided to re-investigate the case, which no one seems to knew he reopened it. Bell’s announcement came this afternoon in a press conference.

The previous prosecutor Bob McCulloch drew criticism for how he handled the initial investigation into the fatal shooting, with some accusing him of guiding the grand jury in its decision not to indict Wilson, which came in November 2014, three months after Brown’s death.

Michael Brown’s death led to weeks of protests that caused looting and violent encounters between protestors and police in Ferguson.

Ebony Kiara

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