RHOP’s Ashley Darby Demands Postnup From Husband After Strip Club Incident, She Gets 50% Of Everything

Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions when you think your man is up to something—especially when the bag is in question. Apparently that’s what “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby is doing after her husband Michael was exposed for partying with strippers. 

Michael apparently confessed to cheating once pictures of him in his underwear surfaced. So, Ashley is vowing to protect herself at all cost, demanding her hubby’s ink a postnuptial agreement—a written agreement signed after a couple is married to settle the pair’s affairs and assets in the event of a break-up, per E!.

The Darby’s already had a prenup in place; however it has since expired. Ashley says the post-nup will “guarantee” her assets in the event of a divorce due to Michael’s wandering eye— meaning there’d be no arguing, no disputing and essentially would speed up their separation process.

Ebony Kiara

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