RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She’s Suing Her Ex-Husband Peter Thomas

 RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She’s Suing Her Ex-Husband Peter Thomas

Cynthia Bailey breaks her silence after hitting her ex-husband Peter Thomas with a lawsuit in late September 2020.

The RHOA star, reportedly sued Thomas for $170,000 when he failed to fulfill the agreement the two had made concerning some money he borrowed from her for a building in Atlanta while they were married. During an interview with vlogger, Michelle Brown, Peter said he was “baffled” by his ex-wife suing him. Later, he shared his side of the story on social media before anyone could create a narrative surrounding his previous legal trouble.

Bailey made an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” to discuss why she sued Thomas in the first place. “Basically, Peter and I had an agreement. A three-year agreement, a contract over a piece of property here in Atlanta, and he pretty much made the terms himself, and I was like, ‘OK, so in three years, I will sell this back to you, and you pay me off or whatever,’” she told Wendy.

She added, “That didn’t happen; it didn’t happen. So, therefore, as soon as that date hit, then my lawyers just went into like, “OK, well, he’s in breach, and we’re going to do everything we need to do to make sure you have a property again.’” Bailey expressed to Wendy that she believed that 3 years was “more than enough time to settle what we needed to settle.” However, she was not feeling Peter airing out their public business relationship.

“I don’t talk about my ex. I don’t like to talk about our finances or problems that we had in the past. I’ve moved on. I wish him well,” the reality star said.

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