QC’s “Pee” Thomas Fined $11,000 For Sharing “Altered” Lira Galore Text Messages

 QC’s “Pee” Thomas Fined $11,000 For Sharing “Altered” Lira Galore Text Messages

As the child support battle between Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore continues, it looks like the music CEO just got himself fined for trying to make his baby mama look bad.

Galore and Thomas welcomed a baby girl last year, but they broke up due to cheating allegations. Lira also alleged Pee was abusive to her throughout her pregnancy. The QC head honcho denied those claims by sharing screenshots of their text conversations on Instagram—trying to expose Galore for being an unfit mother, accusing her of doing cocaine. Well those screenshots have now backfired

The judge overseeing their case has ruled that Pee shared “altered” text messages and false comments about Galore and has consequently fined him $11,000 plus an additional $2,500 to cover her legal fees.

Furthermore, the judge officially declared Pee as the father of Galore’s daughter, forcing the Hip-Hop Star to begin paying $3,500 a month in child support as of next month. The ex couple also came to an agreement on the custody of their daughter.

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