Porsha Williams Defends Monique Samuels in RHOP Winery Brawl, ‘We Shouldn’t Judge Her’

 Porsha Williams Defends Monique Samuels in RHOP Winery Brawl, ‘We Shouldn’t Judge Her’

During her time on television “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has found herself in a fight or two. Now, the bravo-lebrity is sharing her feelings regarding the big winery brawl between housewives Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard of Potomac. 

During “Bravo’s Chat Room,” which is hosted by Williams, she was asked if the fight is a sign that Monique needs anger management, similar to her experience after the reunion beat down between her and Kenya Moore.

“I went to anger management because I needed to go at the time. Here’s the thing about anger management: the first thing that they tell you when you sit down is that this is not about your anger. You being angry, you being upset, you being all of that is an emotion. It’s you just being able to control and be aware of what you’re feeling.”

Porsha added that it was big of Samuels to sit down and apologize to the rest of her cast despite not knowing if Dillard was taking any responsibility at all. She finished by saying that Samuels shouldn’t be judged by other Black women or viewers in general because it’s a “process.”

“At the end of the day, any type of altercation period, they’re going to compare us. Especially if it happens on these cameras. Now in my situation, I felt provoked, and that’s a personal feeling,” she said. “I personally felt provoked and pushed to that level. Now, Monique, she may feel that way, as well. I just feel like in her case, it kind of built up, and I just feel like we shouldn’t judge her.”


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