Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez Incident Allegedly Sparked by BFF Sexual Entanglement

An industry source is shedding light on what they claim is the truth behind the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez saga. 

In an exclusive statement with, the source says that tension between Meg and Tory all started due to jealousy. They say the Houston, Texas native was allegedly upset with some flirting in the pool between the “Say It” rapper and the beauty mogul.

However, despite her disapproval of the flirtation the argument in the car wasn’t between the “WAP” rapper and Lanez but an alleged ex-friend. 

“It wasn’t Tory and Megan arguing in the car, it was Megan and Kelsey arguing because they found out that night that they were both sleeping with Tory when Megan got jealous over Kylie,” they said. “That’s why they are no longer friends and had the big falling out. They almost came to blows in the car because everyone was drunk. It was a big mess.”

The source also gave their statement on the legalities of the situation claiming Meg won’t appear in court due to fear of unearthing her own past with her ex-boyfriend and being deemed a snitch in the hip-hop community. They also claim Lanez allegedly didn’t shoot Meg intentionally and that she was hit with “shards of bullet fragments from one shot that ricocheted.” 


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