Feds Use Texts And Instagram Posts To Keep Casanova In Prison

 Feds Use Texts And Instagram Posts To Keep Casanova In Prison

New York native and rapper Casanova turned himself in not to long ago for fed charges brought against him. It looks as though he will remain in jail until his trial all because of evidence from his own texts and instagram posts.

Casanova was arrested in December for racketeering with the United Gorilla stone Nation but is being held on a few other accounts which include; intentionally manufacturing, distributing, and dispensing crack cocaine, a gun possession charge and more. The “So Brooklyn” lyricist lawyer presented an over $2 million bail offer to the judge but it was rejected.

Unfortunately, according to documents obtained by AllHipHop, the feds are stating that Casanova is just “too dangerous to be released from prison.” The feds also said they had photos which are from his Instagram account showcasing all types of handguns along with a riffle.

Investigators also say based on text messages recovered from Caswell Senior’s iCloud account, he used the members to sell his narcotics. to make matters worse the feds also had been tapping in to phone calls from prison of Casanova with the gang members.

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