Black Mother Defends Son Against Cop During Traffic Stop: “My Son Won’t Be Another Hashtag”

No one wants to see anyone’s son or daughter become the next hashtag at the hands of police brutality. That’s exactly what this mother tries to prevent after a female officer calls for back up over a traffic stop. 

California black mother Stacy Harvey-Slocum records her interaction with a white officer as she asks why she is delaying presenting the traffic ticket to her son, Tobias Eagle. The officer said he ran a stop sign, but while pulling him over, the officer allegedly asked Eagle whether he was on parole or probation and waited for backup before giving him a ticket.

Eagle, 19, told Fox40 he had just pulled up in front of the driveway of his mother’s home when he noticed a patrol car approaching him. Once backup arrived, Harvey-Slocum explained the incident to the new officers, who responded “this is not an ordinary interaction.” The new cop also said escalated the situation. 

The Elk Grove Police Department said it is aware of video and is indeed in contact with the family.

Ebony Kiara

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