Black Disabled Man Gets Thrown Out Of Wheelchair During BLM Protest In Los Angeles

A black lives matter protest got violent as a Black man was allegedly thrown out of his wheelchair by police on Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles.

The man in the wheelchair is Joshua Wilson. LAPD arrested him along with two others who interfered with the arrest of a man and two women who were in custody. According to police Wilson was among protesters that reportedly “punched an officer in the face, and use of force occurred between the others and Joshua.

Protesters seen in the video were surrounding the wheelchair, and what appears it was thrust back, and Wilson fell out of it. Police pull the wheelchair away from him and throw it to the side. The officers proceed t arrest him and take him into custody.

At the police station, they report the officers found a loaded firearm in Wilson’s backpack, which was in his wheelchair. It just so happens Wilson is a convicted felon, and they charge him having a gun in his possession.

Ebony Kiara

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