Ebony Kiara

Georgia Woman Allegedly Shoots And Kills “Close Friend” Over $5

No parent should have to bury their child, especially when the killing is over a measly $5. 21-year-old Georgia woman, De’Ja Pierre-Ames, allegedly shot and killed a “close friend” of hers, Demario Wilson, during an argument over $5. When College Park Police arrived on the scene of the brawl, they found a lifeless Wilson who […]Read More

Gender Reveal Fire Show Ends In 7,000 Acre Wildfire

Babies are a blessing, and creative gender reveal parties ahead of their arrivals have become the norm. Too bad one incoming newborn’s celebration went up in smoke, and I mean literally! A pyrotechnic device used to pump out punk and blue smoke at a gender reveal in San Bernardino County is being blamed for causing […]Read More

Woman Arrested For Hiring A Hit Man To Kill Husband’s

Men you gotta be more careful messing around out here in these streets—because when a woman’s fed up, there’s no telling what she may do. In this case, a Florida woman tried to hide a hit man to kill off her husband’s mistress. Ashley Spencer, 33, was arrested for offering a man to hell grant […]Read More

White Woman Slaps Black Child, Hurls Racial Slur During Amusement

Amusement parks are slowly beginning to re-open, allowing kids to enjoy a nice day of roller coaster riding, and go-kart racing—or at least that’s what you’d think. Well, things got serious at an amusement park in Florida, when an adult white woman slapped an 11-year old Black child and called him a racist slur after […]Read More

Soulja Slim’s Sister Slams Master P, Calling Him A Liar

In light of the “No Limit Chronicles” miniseries—which aired on BET—people praised the Hip-Hop mogul Master P for all he’s done in the industry. However, one person isn’t too happy with the “ Make Em Say Ugh” rhymer at all, and that’s late rapper Soulja Slim’s sister, Peaches. She took to the internet to blast […]Read More

Saweetie Refused Career Help From Famous Family: “I Believe In

If a celebrity comes from a famous family, people usually assume that person is using their bloodline’s notoriety to touch success. And while there is nothing wrong with that—Hip-Hop’s Icy Girl says she wanted to get to the top of the charts on her own, without riding the coattails of her well known kin. Saweetie […]Read More