Ebony Kiara

Black Man’s Body Found Burning In An Iowa Ditch, Four

In the small town of Grinnell, Iowa, four people have been arrested in connection to the murder and burning of Michael Williams, whose body was found just last week. Williams’s brutal death—allegedly, at the hands of the white foursome—is NOT being considered a hard crime by police. Cops responded to a call of a fire […]Read More

Black Mother Defends Son Against Cop During Traffic Stop: “My

No one wants to see anyone’s son or daughter become the next hashtag at the hands of police brutality. That’s exactly what this mother tries to prevent after a female officer calls for back up over a traffic stop.  California black mother Stacy Harvey-Slocum records her interaction with a white officer as she asks why […]Read More

Man Kills And Dismembers Girlfriend, Travels On A Greyhound With

This man murdered his girlfriend, traveled cross-country on a Greyhound bus with her head and other body parts in his suitcase, and brought the remains to his mama’s crib in order to “still be with” his dead darling. Police are saying Melvin Martin Jr., 30, killed and dismembered his girlfriend in Louisville, KY, then hauled […]Read More

Florida Man Shot In The Face Over Slow Smoothie Service

People can be such in a hurry these days, and I guess it can be frustrating when food service is slow—but no so frustrating that someone ends up shot in the face. A 39-year-old man complained about the slow service while inside Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Florida. A black male then entered the shop and […]Read More

Ray J Files For Divorce From Princess Love, Demands Joint

Just when everyone thought it was all good between married couple Princess Love and Ray J, looks like things have taken a terrible turn. Ray J has filed for divorce and wants joint custody of the kids. Just months ago their divorce was called off; however, now—according to legal documents obtained by The Blast—the actor […]Read More