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New Evidence Points To NYPD And FBI Conspiracy In The

Over 50 years since the assassination of civil rights icon Malcom X and new evidence is proving some people’s theories right that the NYPD and the FBI had everything to do with it.  The lawyers of his estate revealed the new evidence in the form of a letter from a former undercover NYPD officer Ray […]Read More

Two Florida Women Dress Up As “Grannies” To Get COVID

With Covid numbers still on the rise and the vaccine underway in some places, not everyone bas been able to have access to it. So two Florida women decided to trick the system but got caught red handed.  The two women were busted while at the Orange County Convention Center where the shot was being […]Read More

“Basketball Wives” Cast Mates Refuse To Film With OG Because

The new season of “Basketball Wives” is underway and as you all should know the entire cast has returned for filming. There has been some issues though since bringing back Ogum Chijindu aka “OG” which has reportedly caused some cast mates to walk off set. Producers reportedly brought back OG to try to patch up […]Read More

YBN Cordae Had No Idea His Tennis Champ Girlfriend, Naomi

Imagine being rapper YBN Cordae and not knowing the girl you are with is just as famous as you are. Well, that’s what he told GQ magazine about his tennis star girlfriend, Naomi Osaka. As the two grace the new cover called “Modern Love”, the Grammy nominated rapper said he was completely unaware of how […]Read More

Drake Reportedly Wanted “No Parts” Of Celina Powell

Some old alleged texts messages are resurfacing between champagne papi and industry troll Celina Powell, who’s known to get famous men in trouble. Social media gas caught the buzz and applauded the boy Drake for his strong curve game. The messages which are actually from 2019 between her and the “More Life” artist made their […]Read More

Lil Pump Called Out For Referencing Juice Wrld In His

Lil Pump is getting some attention thrown his way since posting an instagram video where he played a snippet of his new song. Right out the gate the song mentions the incident that happened to the late rapper Juice Wrld and he’s getting the side eye. The rapper says, “Mama told me don’t go to […]Read More

Feds Use Texts And Instagram Posts To Keep Casanova In

New York native and rapper Casanova turned himself in not to long ago for fed charges brought against him. It looks as though he will remain in jail until his trial all because of evidence from his own texts and instagram posts. Casanova was arrested in December for racketeering with the United Gorilla stone Nation […]Read More

Off-Duty Cops Across The Country Part Of The U.S.Capitol Riots

Proceedings are underway to prosecute those who were involved with invading the U.S. Capitol this past week. Come to find out, looks like there will be some off duty officers that will be investigated who took part in all the foolery. There are several police departments across the country that will be looking into this […]Read More