Alia Simone

Michael B. Jordan “Serious” About Lori Harvey After Dating For

Verified #ItsOnSite Contributor @AliaSimone 🥰 Clearly Lori Harvey was on Michael B. Jordan’s wish list as he is now ready to have a “serious” relationship with her! *Ladies, take a deep breath* sources say that the two have been dating for about 4 months and as we know they just made it public this week!———————————————————————————Twitter was in a […]Read More

Anderson Cooper Says He Knew He Was Gay At 7

#ItsOnSite Contributor @AliaSimone 🥰 During CNN’s “Full Circle” segment, Anderson Cooper replied to a viewers question of “When did he know he was gay” stating that he knew when he was about 7 years old. He continued by saying that he probably didn’t know the word or what it meant, but he recalls knowing “something was different” at […]Read More

Cardi B Defends Offset After Celina Powell Claims He Gave

Celina (messy a$$) Powell back at it again with the drama! Cardi B pulled up and shut her down quickly after Celina claims that Offset gave her $50,000 for an abortion.———————————————————————————On January 11th, Celina made a TikTok video titled “all the celebs that made me get an ab*rtion” and of course it went viral almost […]Read More