Another One! Trey Songz Expose Racist Women On Instagram

 Another One! Trey Songz Expose Racist Women On Instagram

Celebrities are using their platforms to speak out against social injustice and racism.

Singer Trey Songz has been using his platform to make a statement. Earlier today, the singer exposed two white racist women on his Instagram.

Trey posted a viral video of former adult entertainer Lindsay Clarke, saying that she was willing to commit hate crimes against Black people and wished slavery was still legal. Fans were quick to find all of Clarke’s personal information and leaked her address, her employer, and her cell phone number.

He didn’t stop there. Trey exposed another White woman on Facebook, Angie Marie, who made a post saying,

“Ya’ll rioting hollering F**k America! Let’s cut them monthly checks, and EBT cards off, and y’all can hate America for free!”

Angie Marie
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Hey Angie 👋🏾….get this dance 😉

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Angie issued an apology after receiving backlash on Facebook. Trey Songz, this is the energy we like! Yall think he gone keep exposing people?

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